​Protecting youth from crime, radicalization and substance abuse.

Services and Programs
What We Have to Offer

Youth Development Program

Global Youth protection and development is strong organization supporting the development and expansion of programs bringing children, Youth and families together.

The purpose of the program is to encourage positive changes in the lives of Youth and families through collaborative partnerships and culturally relevant therapeutic and academic interventions that support public safety and prepare Youth to lead productive lives.

To build community togetherness, stability, and growth using Youth services to enhance the quality lives of youth and families in central Ohio.

Provide recreations, arts, and cultural services to Youth, families, children, neighborhoods and surrounding communities.

Improve the lives of Youth through intergenerational collaboration, public policies and programs.

Increase cooperation, interaction, and exchange between of different generations and culture by allowing the sharing of their talents, resources and supporting each other in relationships those benefits both the individuals and their communities.

Global Youth Protection and Development inspires Youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and characters to make a difference in their lives, communities and in the world.

Mentoring Program

The purpose of the mentoring program is

To help Youth achieve their goals.

Prepare Youth emotionally, socially and educationally for early school tasks, including one on one reading programs, phonics training, and programs that seek to involve their parents in their education process.

One on one mentoring and career exploration, and identify college options to fit the Youth strength.

Assist with applications for higher education, financial and personal budgeting.

Provide the role models and help Youth develop emotionally and socially.

Violence prevention is carried through cultural education classes.

Help Youth learn to understand and communicate their feelings.

Relate their peers and develop relationships with adults.

Focus on developing and trusting relationships with human being

Help Youth to achieve better grades and discourage drug usage terrorism, or less successful

Counseling Youth to discourage family destruction

The goal of the program is to improve the quality lives of Youth by delivering services that lead to social and financial independence and successful integration.

The target population is the Somali Youth in the United States, Kenya, and Somalia.  

Parenting Education and Support Program

The program generally focuses the Somali Youth in Somalia and in the refugee camps in Kenya .
The Somali parents are facing multiple challenges that inhibit their ability to effectually rise and support their children. Most are caused by teens that are often unprepared to take on the task of parenthood.

This increased incidence of parental substance abuse, child abuse, and neglect parent aids, incarceration, divorce, and desertion have resulted in substantially higher rates of Youth to join terrorist organizations, and end up in dying in the sea while traveling to other countries.

The purpose of the program is to

Improve parenting in general typically used by parents whose children are functioning and antisocial behavior.

The program focuses on parents with children as critical periods of development, single parents, low income parents, Youth, teens using drugs, and influenced by other terrorist organizations.
The specific focus of our work is improving the current and future prospects of Somali Youth living in the United States of America, in Kenya refugee camps, and throughout Somalia and the horn of Africa.

he cooperation is organised exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the internal Revenue code. The specific purpose of the Organization include but are not limited to:

1- instill a sense of pride,purpose, and proper behavior among the Somali Youth wherever they live, whatever their situation is.

2- promote peace, understanding, and community integration through community dialogue and conflict resolution in Somali communities with a focus on Youth, their peer relationships, their level of family and community integration;

3- improve,develop,and enhance a general understanding of a common future among the youth and adults;

4- Establish and operate community driven programs to uplift the youth, give them hope, provide them training, inspire their energy to perform good work, and educate them to take on their rightful place in the economy and society;

5- Build and maintain educational centers to integrate youth into the fabric of the community, into the labor force, and into the business world of small to medium enterprise development;

6- Mobilize youth to communicate, channel energy into good works, and advocate for better hygiene, environmental improvement, conservation, energy efficiency, agricultural development and abroad base of careers and livelihoods;

7- Develop advocacy skills , practical information gathering, undertaking surveys and needs assessments, early warning data collection, youth and women's empowerment , leadership and governance, monitoring and evaluation, and other professional skills;

8- Create avenues for cultural and artistic expressions, including, drama, music, theater, dance, art, social media production, entertainment, poetry, debate, fashion, literary pursuits, furniture and crafts manufacture, and many other forms of expression and creation;

9- Lessen and eliminate the vulnerability of youth to drugs , underage sex, alcohol, immorality, criminal behavior , intolerance, gender based violence, gang membership, and other distracting behavior, ideologies, and antisocial ideas;

10- Improve the capacity of adults to protect and care properly for their children, to raise them up with sense of self -respect and personal responsibility, to advocate for their future, to build resilience and sense of purpose among the youth, and to ensure their safety and welfare in the face of conflict, instability and social isolation and ostracism;

​Considering this charge, there are three broad areas of the corporation,s activities over the next three years and then ongoing according to the board's geographic priorities that include;

1- Organizing local community councils and committees across the United States to support Somali Youth in ways that they can relate to understand and enjoy, for instance we are starting a USA nationwide soccer tournament of all Somali teams to bring a national alliance among youth in sports;

2- Coordinating the development of teams of volunteers who will play a critical role in all of the phases of planning, developing, and implementing the work of the corporation profit in the US , Kenya, and Somalia including such activities as: providing consulting services , technical assistance , logistics and delivery services , mentoring and coaching young people, coordinating services for victims of trauma, working with local villagers to asses the natural resource base to improve productivity and yield, and especially preparing villagers better for emergencies, climate changes , disaster risk management; and,

3- collaborating with national, regional, and local governments and organizations that share like-minded goals, missions , and international strategies to form workable short term or long-term relationships for shared outcomes.

The day to day activities of the corporation shall be carried out by an executive Director and he or she shall be aided by such staff as the Board from May time to time appoint.

All international work of the corporation shall be governed by protocols, .memoranda of understanding, letter of intent, cooperating agreements, or such other instruments designating some written agreement between partners in order to carry out the work of the corporation in a way that is financially prudent, sound and sufficiently forward- thinking, that is operated in a transparent, accountable and financially responsible way, and that actively seeks out new and better ways for Americans to contribute to the health and welfare of the Somali Youth on a long term and sustainable basis. 

GYPD has focused on two major take that were started in 2016 and that have continued through 2017

⦁ We determined the need of an assessment of the potential of the youth in Dadaab Refugee camps to prepare themselves for the real world wherever they end up. We also at the same time determined the immediate needs of the youth in America and their overwhelming recommendation was a national soccer tournament among all of the USA teams . We are applying to Nike and to major Banks and others for sponsorship and financing.

⦁ We will organise ourselves legally with all of the self-governing documents , processes, and starting agreements that will pave the way for smooth operations , communications, and decision making over the long term as well as the short term and we will organize and coordinate the first two trips to Kenya and to Somalia now being planned for second Half of 2017 in order to carry out current situations Assessments in the camps and begin to arrange for delivery of itemized goods, supplies, and technical assistance.

The Board is well positioned to carry on its work across Ohio and US, in Nairobi, Kenya , in the camps for internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) as well as in the areas of South central Somalia where their lands, rivers, and villages lie. It is estimated that the Bantu communities live in more than 25000 villages and informal settlements across the riverine areas of the country and it is our mission to help all the Youth in these villages survive lost-conflict and thrive in the new environment. It was determined that the Somali Bantu Youth in these villages never received Aid.